Subaru marks milestone 50th year with record-breaking suv sales in australia

In a landmark 50th year in Australia, Subaru celebrates significant sales success across its line-up in 2023. With a total delivery of 46,114 vehicles and an impressive year-on-year growth of 28%, Subaru’s SUV range – comprising the Outback, Forester and Crosstrek – played a pivotal role in this accomplishment.

The Subaru SUV range achieved a record-breaking combined sales volume, solidifying Australian consumer’s trust in the Subaru brand. Notably, Outback and Forester led the charge with unprecedented volumes. The introduction of the new Outback XT turbocharged sales, contributing to a record annual total of 12,903 Outbacks delivered (up an impressive 32% year-on-year), reaffirming the models enduring appeal among Australian drivers.

Meanwhile, Forester continued to be the most popular model in the Subaru line-up, with a new annual record of 16,381 vehicles finding their way into Australian driveways, resulting in a 54% increase year-to-date. Additionally, the all-new Subaru Crosstrek (formerly named XV) achieved significant success with 8,991 units sold, after officially going on sale in May.

Collectively, Subaru SUVs achieved a historic combined sales volume of 39,717, reaffirming the enduring trust placed by Australian drivers in the Subaru brand.

The success of Subaru’s SUV range in 2023 underscores the brand’s commitment to delivering vehicles with unmatched capabilities, offering reliability, performance, and the essence of adventure.

Blair Read, Managing Director of Subaru Australia, said: "Thank you to our nationwide dealer network, who have been integral to delivering this success with their commitment and passion for supporting Subaru drivers. The entire Subaru network is committed to providing outstanding vehicles that cater to a range of owners needs and adventures whilst providing confidence and security on all roads and in all conditions."